Selfless Sevas

SERVICE TO MAN IS SERVICE TO GOD – HELPING THE NEEDY AND HELPLESS POOR..Watch the following Link for the organisation is personally directed by Guruji
Kindly watch Guruji’s visit to one of the adopted villages. Guruji has personally visited and blessed the projects
J.K GURU-ji is at present involved in a Numerous selfless SERVICE (seva) projects around the world:
 Providing Sheltered accomodation for the Elderly Disabled and Uncared relatives with Physical Disabilities.
 Providing sustained vocational training for the under-previleged Youth.
 Providing Clean drinking FLOURIDE Free water through overhead water -tank project,  as well as sanitation projects.
Providing the underground bore well irrigation projects, sprinklers  systems, makes large supply of good water for the farmers to grow their crops during non rainy seasons of if rains fail.
Providing Safe Heaven for Animals esp Cows. The numerous road side stranded COWS and Older neglected, uncared COWS are taken and brought into a Large COW SHED, in the central Village location where they can be looked after and cared till they breath their last.
Village Animals  are taken care of by Voluntery Ventinary, Doctors, plus necessary treatments and other essential animal care is provided. All animals in care are properly looked after.
Providing Educational facilities and small institutes funds for neglected, under-priviledged Villagers clever and intelligent children for further studies. This important project is given priority irrespective of background.
Providing SPORT equipment, Goods, and sports facilities, etc to Children Schools, mainly in the Villages but sometimes in the Towns also.
J.K Guru-ji continues to provide all his personal one to one spiritual services without any expectations or rewards. This Service to remote Villages is FREE Seva.
There are many future service projects, are being considered for these and other Villagers.
 A trust has been set up for the social, welfare and humanitarian service, projects.
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