Turn the key in the lock to the left, it locks.

Turn it to the right, it opens. So too, turn your mind towards the objective world, it gets locked, caught and deeply entangled.

Turn it to the right, steer it away from the objects of senses, and the lock opens up, you are free and deliverance is in your hands!

How to turn your mind to the right? Begin with remembering the Lord’s Holy Name (Naamasmarana) as your first step.

A big and long journey begins with the first step.

The first step itself will take you through to the second and third, and ultimately to realizing your destination or goal.

AUM-Origin of Universe

When a plane flies across the sky, it leaves no mark on it, no streak that lasts, no furrow or pot-hole that interferes with the next plane in that path. So too, let any or all feelings or emotions cross your mind, but never allow any of them to cause an impression. You can accomplish this by inquiry, quiet reasoning within oneself. This method is more effective than listening to lectures or studying books. Little children are trained to walk by means of a three wheeled contraption. ThePranava is such an instrument, the three wheels being the syllables A U and M. Holding it, you can learn to use your feet of devotion and detachment. If one walks on with the help of this Pranava meditation, one can certainly realise the glory of the Divine, which is the very substance of the Universe

Serve Humanity


untitledJust as the body is the house you live in, the universe is the body of God. An ant biting the little finger of your foot draws your entire attention to the spot in a split second, and you react to the pain and make an effort to remove the tiny enemy immediately. So too, you must feel the pain, the misery of the people, in the society around you. Pause for a moment to calculate what good you have done to the society that is helping you live your life comfortably. Do not fritter away your talents in profitless channels. You should not be a burden on others, or an enemy to your own self. Expand your sympathies to serve others, who stand in need, to the extent of your skill and resources. Be kind to all your kith and kin


Education must train the children to love, to co-operate, to be brave in the cause of truth, to be helpful, to be sympathetic and to be grateful. Dear children! Revere your parents, elders and teachers, be humble before them and respect their experience and deeper love for you. You must follow these virtues consistently and strictly. The educators, elders and parents too, on their part, must cleanse their intelligence and practice the same virtues with humility and detachment. There is no use teaching the children one thing and holding out examples, contrary to the teachings. Thus, true learning occurs when noble truths are taught and supplemented by the conduct of the teachers, parents and the elders

Spiritual Foundation

Those who are trying to build the human community on the foundation of wealth (dhana) are like builders using sand as their foundation.

Those who seek to build it on the rock of righteousness (Dharma) are the wise ones.

Always remember that righteousness is the very root of this world.

(Dharma Moolam Idham Jagath).

Those who practice evil are cowards, they will constantly be haunted by fear and have no peace within them.

Practice righteousness and you will remain happy forever.

Respect for the parents who brought you into this world is the first lesson in right conduct. And gratitude is the spring which feeds that respect.

Divine Journey


The difference between human and demon (Maanava and Daanava) is just this –

Human beings should have morality, self-control and compassion (Dharma, Dhama and Daya).  

Demons do not have these, nor do they consider them as desirable  characteristics; they ignore them and pay no heed to the prompting of  these virtues.

On the contrary, these three are in fact the essential  qualities of every man.

Every being in the universe is a pilgrim on the  path from demon to human to divine.

The number of stages in this journey  is as many as the number of hearts in this universe!

Each pilgrim moves  at their own speed and with the Name and Form that inspires them.

Divine Instrument

Deho Devalaya” – Body is the temple, scriptures teach us.

Realize that the human body is not just a mass of flesh and bone.

The human body is a sacred instrument equipped with reason and emotion, capable of being used for deliverance from grief and evil; you have earned it after long ages of struggle.

Honour it as such, keep it in good condition, so that it might serve that high purpose. Maintain it even more carefully than your brick homes and never let go of the conviction that it is an instrument and nothing more.

Use your Human body, for the purpose for which it has been designed and given.

Install the Lord in the altar of your heart and invite Him into it.

God loves to reside in a pure and aspiring heart.