Unity in Diversity

Live in truth, you will then experience Divine Bliss. Faith in God promotes love. Love leads to peace. Peace prepares the way for truth. Where there is faith there is Love, Where there is Love there is Peace, Where there is Peace there is Truth. Where there is Truth there is Bliss, Where there is […]

Present seed to Future

You know only the present that is happening before your eyes; you do not realise that the present is related to the past and is preparing the course of the future. Each birth wipes out the memory of the one already experienced. The tree came from the seed and the seed from the tree and […]


Three fishes lived in a pond. One told the other two that the water was drying up and they should leave before it was too late. The first fish decided to leave the pond immediately, the second said it could save itself when the contingency arose and the third fish ignored it. In due course, […]


Be steady, make a firm resolution. Do not commit one fault or take a false step and then repent. Be very intentional, faithful to your resolve, every single day. Before you act, deliberate and make a decision. That is better than taking a weak step and regretting and losing the way. In the Mahabharatha, Arjuna […]


Often, people try to reform the world without making any or proportionate effort to reform themselves. For, it is far easier to give advice and admonish others, than to take the advice and advance ourselves. The other is fundamentally, a reflection of your own self. You are the original and you yourself have to improve […]

Divine Being

The glory of the Divine – the richness, fullness, extent and the depth of Divine experience has to be experienced. It cannot be expressed through any amount of words or plays. You must feel that it is your highest destiny to acquire that experience. You are not a despicable creature, born in slime or sin […]


Lead your life such that, in posterity, people will remember you with gratitude and joy. To lead a good life, constant prompting from the Lord within you will be of great help. That inspiration can be got only by constantly reciting the Lord’s Name and calling on the inner springs of Divinity. The Lord’s Name […]


Turn the key in the lock to the left, it locks. Turn it to the right, it opens. So too, turn your mind towards the objective world, it gets locked, caught and deeply entangled. Turn it to the right, steer it away from the objects of senses, and the lock opens up, you are free […]

AUM-Origin of Universe

When a plane flies across the sky, it leaves no mark on it, no streak that lasts, no furrow or pot-hole that interferes with the next plane in that path. So too, let any or all feelings or emotions cross your mind, but never allow any of them to cause an impression. You can accomplish […]

Serve Humanity

  Just as the body is the house you live in, the universe is the body of God. An ant biting the little finger of your foot draws your entire attention to the spot in a split second, and you react to the pain and make an effort to remove the tiny enemy immediately. So […]