About J.K Guruji

Without GOD , JK Guruji’s existence is not possible. Everything is done by SAI nothing is done by Guruji, who is an instrument in Divine hands.

ALL miracles are divine Grace and Blessings , the source as well as the accomplishments are all GOD… oriented.  JK Guruji is a DIVINE INSPIRER  (the one who removes ignorance -darkness; and guides one to-wards the Truth,To-wards Light ; wisdom ), one who leads the seeker to their Goal – SELF-REALISATION …Man is GOD once the Divinity of All is understood  Liberation from attachments and bondage.  GOD is all powerful Supreme Being, He is the source and force of eternal endless limitless divine LOVE..when one realises the exietence of His LOVE one realises GOD within oneself and in everyone.

Param Pujya Shri J.K. Guruji, was born on 25th June, in Jodhpur Rajasthan , North West India , is of Indian heritage now living in England , UK.  He is Sai Baba’s emmissary to the world, travelling from UK to  U.S, Europe, Canada, Africa, India and any other place that his, Divine teacher sends him to visit, usually at the request of non Sai Baba devotees in that area or place.  He travels with no fees  for his work, which he calls “seva” meaning selfless service (see below the Divine / materialised Miracle manifested messages from Sri Sathya Sai Baba,to JK- saying, ” I am very pleased with what JK is doing) without any trace of ego, he does all My work without any expectations . This is a divine message. Believe in it as WORD OF GOD. To do God’s work is  not easy, It is very difficult. First one has to have Time and then one must have one’s own financial resources (money) to spend, and not be dependent on anyone . This is Best form of Sacrifice. JK Guruji travels with no cell phone, nor any Watch; for these are not necessary in doing selfless seva. God keeps  the miracle mysterious divine calls coming, and God is the best Time keeper too..sairam

Divine Sai Yagna performed by JK Guruji in Eureka Springs Arkansas USA in August 2003 for Rains

ABOUT JK Guruji..by  Shastriji Craig..

JK Guruji – travels the world providing Divine Sai Energy Healing and Personal Counseling.
When conducting healings, Guruji generates a magnetic, cosmic energy that passes into the person being healed
 JK Guruji has helped thousands of people, some with “incurable”
conditions, although it takes time. 

JK Guruji uses the energy of the fire (Yagna), to perform healings
 JK Guruji seems to go into a different dimension of space-time when performing these hearings.

Counseling. Craig Sastri from ( Austin) Shirdi Sai Temple describes JKGuruji
“With permission of those receiving counseling, I was able to witness some of his
counseling sessions when he visited us.  I have never seen anyone cut so quickly
to the heart of an issue.  In general, he asks what the person aspires for, and
second how they plan to get there.  Most people know what they want, but have no
clear to reach their goal.  Guruji helped many in their effort to bridge this
gap, or perhaps realize they needed other goals that are achievable.

Miracles as described by Craig Sastry 
JK Guruji happily relates some of the miracles in his life.  He was born in India, and grew up in Africa, now lives in London (UK)

JK Guruji has been blessed by Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.
Guruji has many Miracle stories.

During JK Guruji’s  visit with our Sai friends in Omaha, Nebraska, miraculously,

Aum sign appeared in the clouds above them (in OM-aha, of course!).


Miracle messages from Swami Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Craig Shastriji states after seeing these miracles

“I myself am very sceptical of anyone claiming any miracle.  Having  witnessed many “impossibilities” myself, however,
I have begun to believe that “anything is possible with GOD ”

Sai Amrit manifesting at JK Guruji’s Sai Heavens

SAIRAM Tell JK I am very pleased with what he is doing – With Love Baba

Contact email:  jkguruji@hotmail.com

Sai Yagna performed by JK GUruji in Arkansas,USA

Sai Yagna- If you have a sacred ceremony and would like to invite JK Guruji to come for performing a Yagna, Homa, Havan, Yagnam Yajna, Laksharchana; Satsang Bhajans Kirtan; Blessings; Purification ceremony, for the Hapiness and Good Health . For a Prosperous future for you and your entire family .  write e-mail to JK Guruji
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Kindly visit the following web site for all the miracles of Divine manifestations of Yagna conducted by JK Guruji

http://www.rquickphotography.com/gallery/433595_gNg2z#!i=17416525&k=BDZwP ( Click here)

JK Guruji Healing during the Sai Yagna

JK Guruji healing during Sai Yagna

Golden Pratima of Shirdi Baba – Get Blessings of UDI with Grace and Blessings in the presence of JK Guruji

Sai Amrita Drips and Special Aura Light appears in front at Sai Heavens of JK Guruji

SAI HEAVEN – Abode of Jk Guruji in UK. After the Divine manifestation of Amrita (divine nector)  dripping from the  forehead of our Bhagavan most beloved Swami in JK Guruji’s Temple. When the picture was taken to show the miracle of Amrit, manifesting This Light Aura like Illumination appeared in the Picture Taken, hiding the Face of the Lord and His Miracle of Amrit..Sairam

JK Guruji Mahatma. Divine Manifestation in Italy in Devotees Jewel Box


JK Guruji with Late Shastriji SUBBA RAO ,

JK Guruji being blessed by Swami since 1960s . Have been doing Seva for many years. He performs Jeevan Kalyan Yagna, Laksharchana, Abhisekham and continues His Seva all absolutely Free. Invite Guruji for Divine Blessings

JK Guruji during Sai Yagna


http://saiprajnaananandamaharshi.webs.com/ Web Pictures  (Kindly  Click here)

Picture taken by JK Guruji

Omnipresent Sai Blessing JK Guruji with a message written with Vibhuti ” God Sai “

JK Guruji is with Swami since the 1970s. Swami has physically given proof of His Omnipresence and he has experienced the same during the Sai yagna conducted for those needing God and divine Help and intervention .

Miracle messages appear from thin air for JKGuruji from Swami

Miracle messages of Omnipresence of Baba

Swami’s above message for JK Guruji read

On Tuesday when you were praying at their place in the evening time I was with you I have blessed your letter that you were holding and there is vibhuti packet inside it in original one which comes from my place & know you had the vibration at that time

Miracle message of Swami

Swami’s above message for Jk Guruji read

I was with you when you went there. Now you have realised how the vibrations are. I have given vibuti inside and is wrapped in my original packet which comes from my place. I hope you are ok. Now when some people pray for others they also get the same vibration like you. With Love -Baba

Swamis Messages for JK Guruji


This message appeared hand written inside a sealed envelope kept in the Shrine .

SAIRAM ,Tell JK I am very pleased with what he is doing – With Love Baba

JK Guruji Giving talk in Dar es Salaam Sri Sathya Sai Center, of Tanzania – East Africa-Miracle of Both Babas Blessing

Giving talk in East Africa Sai miracle

Giving talk in East Africa-Sai Miracle

Both Shirdi & Sathya Sai Baba blessing JK Guruji

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Sai Baba has blessed J,K with many miraculous divine manifestions and materialisation. In a personal interview with Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, he was gifted with a precious materialised instant photo of Himself by a mere wave of His divine Hand. (see below)

THE INTERVIEW WITH GOD..the interview room was where SWAMI was asking JK Guruji what the word “Instant” means, not immediately but INSTANT ..LIKE THE CLICK OF A CAMERA..AND THERE IS PICTURE RIGHT OUTSIDE IT..SWAMI waved His divine right hand and brought this picture out from nowhere INSTANTLY and GAVE IT HIMSELF to JK sitting in front ..as this is a rare self manifested DIVINE PHOTO taken without a CAMERA of SWAMI , this picture resembled the  MAHATMA picture of JK Guruji years later..what a MIRACLE..of SAI
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