Unity in Diversity


Live in truth, you will then experience Divine Bliss.

Faith in God promotes love. Love leads to peace.

Peace prepares the way for truth.

Where there is faith there is Love,

Where there is Love there is Peace,

Where there is Peace there is Truth.

Where there is Truth there is Bliss,

Where there is Bliss there is God.

The Divine manifests Himself in many forms and is worshipped as such, for the joy to be derived from it. Truth is one, regardless of nation or religion. The names and forms of human beings may vary, but the Supreme in them (Sath-chith-ananda) does not vary. It is eternal and changeless. Embodiments of Divine Love! Strike down the walls that separate man from man. Get rid of differences based on caste and creed. Develop firm faith in the oneness of Humanity. Cultivate love in your hearts. Then nations will be united, prosperous and happy

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