Three fishes lived in a pond. One told the other two that the water was drying up and they should leave before it was too late. The first fish decided to leave the pond immediately, the second said it could save itself when the contingency arose and the third fish ignored it. In due course, the second and third fish were caught by a fisherman. The second fish managed to break through the net and escape, the third one resigned its fate to destiny. God of Death, Yama is the fisherman; unless early notice is taken of the process of drying to which the tank of one’s lifespan is subject, one gets caught. Migrate into the sea of Grace, which will not dry; or learn the art of breaking through the net of death. Discard sloth and slumber, denounce fanaticism and make yourself a dedicated servant of the Lord. Then all strength, joy and Grace will be showered on you.

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