Divine Being


The glory of the Divine – the richness, fullness, extent and the depth of Divine experience has to be experienced. It cannot be expressed through any amount of words or plays. You must feel that it is your highest destiny to acquire that experience. You are not a despicable creature, born in slime or sin to eke out a drab existence and be extinguished. You are a mixture of the mortal and immortal (Deha and Deva). Liberation is the means to be free from grief and live in joy. And it is easy to accomplish this. All you need to do is to place all your burdens on God. That will make you carefree, and griefless. Take everything as a Divine Play of the Lord you adore and love. No matter whatever happens clap your hands in bliss and joy, for all is His Divine Play and you can be as happy as He is, for His plans are working, and they are for your highest good!


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