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Divine Sai Yagna performed by JK Guruji

Kindly visit the following web site for all the miracles of Divine manifestations of Yagna conducted by JK Guruji
MIRACLE  FIRE FORMS AT   Blue Deer Keel’s Creek  APPEARING  IN ARKANSAS (USA)!i=17416525&k=BDZwP ( Click here)

Golden Pratima of Shirdi Sai Baba

Shirdi vasaya vidmahe

Sachidanandaya deemaye

Tannoh Sayee prachodayat

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Aum is the Home of Gods. Divine manifestations  .

Aum manifested in the clouds  during Guruji’s prayers in USA.

Appearance of Aum in the clouds during Guruji's prayers

 AUM  and the symbol of Heart appeared over Omaha ( Hindu Temple) USA over  the sky  during Guruji’s prayers . Guruji showed us the Divine presence of God

Welcome to the world of Divine Love.
To experience  God  to be with you wherever you are.
To get something we never had,
We have to do something  we never did before.
Let The Will of God  take us to where Grace of God will  protect us.


Welcome and be blessed with Grace of God

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Unity in Diversity


Live in truth, you will then experience Divine Bliss.

Faith in God promotes love. Love leads to peace.

Peace prepares the way for truth.

Where there is faith there is Love,

Where there is Love there is Peace,

Where there is Peace there is Truth.

Where there is Truth there is Bliss,

Where there is Bliss there is God.

The Divine manifests Himself in many forms and is worshipped as such, for the joy to be derived from it. Truth is one, regardless of nation or religion. The names and forms of human beings may vary, but the Supreme in them (Sath-chith-ananda) does not vary. It is eternal and changeless. Embodiments of Divine Love! Strike down the walls that separate man from man. Get rid of differences based on caste and creed. Develop firm faith in the oneness of Humanity. Cultivate love in your hearts. Then nations will be united, prosperous and happy

Present seed to Future


You know only the present that is happening before your eyes; you do not realise that the present is related to the past and is preparing the course of the future.

Each birth wipes out the memory of the one already experienced.

The tree came from the seed and the seed from the tree and so on.

You may not know which came first, tree or seed, but you can easily put an end to the cycle by frying the seed.

You do not realise that the end of this cycle of birth and death lies in your own hands.

The scriptures and holy books serve this very purpose.

These are not meant to mislead you.

That is not the desire of the sages who wrote down these annals and their own experiences.

It is to tell mankind the truth about oneself.



Three fishes lived in a pond. One told the other two that the water was drying up and they should leave before it was too late. The first fish decided to leave the pond immediately, the second said it could save itself when the contingency arose and the third fish ignored it. In due course, the second and third fish were caught by a fisherman. The second fish managed to break through the net and escape, the third one resigned its fate to destiny. God of Death, Yama is the fisherman; unless early notice is taken of the process of drying to which the tank of one’s lifespan is subject, one gets caught. Migrate into the sea of Grace, which will not dry; or learn the art of breaking through the net of death. Discard sloth and slumber, denounce fanaticism and make yourself a dedicated servant of the Lord. Then all strength, joy and Grace will be showered on you.



Be steady, make a firm resolution. Do not commit one fault or take a false step and then repent. Be very intentional, faithful to your resolve, every single day. Before you act, deliberate and make a decision. That is better than taking a weak step and regretting and losing the way. In the Mahabharatha, Arjuna had the foresight to pause and think about the consequences of the war even before the battle began. So he asked Lord Krishna to advise and guide him. Hence, take every step in spiritual practice, or in your day to day affairs, only after deep deliberation and satisfying yourself that it will be for your good and well-being. Reason out, discriminate; do not rush to conclusions or be led away by mere hearsay.



Often, people try to reform the world without making any or proportionate effort to reform themselves.

For, it is far easier to give advice and admonish others, than to take the advice and advance ourselves.

The other is fundamentally, a reflection of your own self.

You are the original and you yourself have to improve your shape.

Invest time to strengthen your inner urges towards virtues and goodness, becoming impregnable and unassailable from within.

Then you can set about reforming others in the planet.

Divine Being


The glory of the Divine – the richness, fullness, extent and the depth of Divine experience has to be experienced. It cannot be expressed through any amount of words or plays. You must feel that it is your highest destiny to acquire that experience. You are not a despicable creature, born in slime or sin to eke out a drab existence and be extinguished. You are a mixture of the mortal and immortal (Deha and Deva). Liberation is the means to be free from grief and live in joy. And it is easy to accomplish this. All you need to do is to place all your burdens on God. That will make you carefree, and griefless. Take everything as a Divine Play of the Lord you adore and love. No matter whatever happens clap your hands in bliss and joy, for all is His Divine Play and you can be as happy as He is, for His plans are working, and they are for your highest good!



Lead your life such that, in posterity, people will remember you with gratitude and joy.

To lead a good life, constant prompting from the Lord within you will be of great help.

That inspiration can be got only by constantly reciting the Lord’s Name and calling on the inner springs of Divinity.

The Lord’s Name is such a valuable instrument to win His Grace, to realize His Presence, to picture His Form and to remember His Glory.

Repeating it from the depths of the heart, even once in the morning and once in the evening, will make your house, a home (griham) instead of a cave (guha).

Senses are the windows, which when left open, make the lamp of the Name of God unsteady.

Keep your senses away from the negative influences and concentrate on the Name of the Lord, its beauty and sweetness.


Turn the key in the lock to the left, it locks.

Turn it to the right, it opens. So too, turn your mind towards the objective world, it gets locked, caught and deeply entangled.

Turn it to the right, steer it away from the objects of senses, and the lock opens up, you are free and deliverance is in your hands!

How to turn your mind to the right? Begin with remembering the Lord’s Holy Name (Naamasmarana) as your first step.

A big and long journey begins with the first step.

The first step itself will take you through to the second and third, and ultimately to realizing your destination or goal.

AUM-Origin of Universe

When a plane flies across the sky, it leaves no mark on it, no streak that lasts, no furrow or pot-hole that interferes with the next plane in that path. So too, let any or all feelings or emotions cross your mind, but never allow any of them to cause an impression. You can accomplish this by inquiry, quiet reasoning within oneself. This method is more effective than listening to lectures or studying books. Little children are trained to walk by means of a three wheeled contraption. ThePranava is such an instrument, the three wheels being the syllables A U and M. Holding it, you can learn to use your feet of devotion and detachment. If one walks on with the help of this Pranava meditation, one can certainly realise the glory of the Divine, which is the very substance of the Universe

Serve Humanity


untitledJust as the body is the house you live in, the universe is the body of God. An ant biting the little finger of your foot draws your entire attention to the spot in a split second, and you react to the pain and make an effort to remove the tiny enemy immediately. So too, you must feel the pain, the misery of the people, in the society around you. Pause for a moment to calculate what good you have done to the society that is helping you live your life comfortably. Do not fritter away your talents in profitless channels. You should not be a burden on others, or an enemy to your own self. Expand your sympathies to serve others, who stand in need, to the extent of your skill and resources. Be kind to all your kith and kin